Screen Printing

Spot Color:  This is basic solid color printing using standard plastisol inks that each color is assigned a pantone number and becomes a screen.  Most designs fall under this category.

Simulated Process:  This is the process of using photographic or complex graphic separations to create a photorealistic or complex design using standard plastisol inks.  Simulated process cuts out the need for 4 color process and is much easier to control and recreate.

Discharge:  This process uses a water based product that is formulated to deactivate the dyes used on natural fabrics.  Printing with a straight discharge ink typically “bleaches” the fabric down to its natural color, a slightly off white.  This process has a soft hand finish that leaves no texture because the print is in the shirt.

Foil: This is a 2 step process.  First part of the process is to print an adhesive (plastisol ink) on the shirt.  Then the ink cured by sending the shirt through the conveyor dryer.  Once the shirt is cured the foil is then heat transferred onto the shirt. The foil only sticks to the cured ink leaving a shiny metallic finish unachievable by standard screen printing inks.


bass hat bp.jpg


Embroidery is an excellent substitute for products that can’t or should not be screen printed.  We follow a simple 3 step process for embroidery.  Once we have the art and it is approved we then have it digitized.  Digitizing the art maps out the design for the embroidery machine.  Once digitized, the order goes into production and the finished product will be trimmed and ready for pick up.

Promotional Products

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SRO Prints is a full service branding company, so anything you can put a print on or decorate we can do it.  We have thousands of products to choose from our online catalog.  While many of the products are available, SRO Prints has preferred suppliers that have great products and service.  We use these suppliers whenever possible because their standard of quality is concurrent to the SRO standard.

Web Stores/Fulfillment

SRO Prints designs and sets up custom web stores for clients that simply do not have the time or expertise to manage their own fulfillment.  We take care of storage, inventory and shipping.  Monthly reports are provided to update the customer on how their products are selling.  We can also set the store up allowing administrators to order products for employees or team members.  Thus creating a simple solution for companies with offices or employees in different locations to access their branded apparel and products.

Terms & Conditions

·  All sales are final.  

·  Once the final proof has been approved there will be no changes and the sale is final because the order has moved into      production and is now custom and nonreturnable. 

·  Apparel and products are designed specifically for the end user.  Therefore only issues with the decoration will be           considered as terms for return or refund when deemed appropriate. 

Art Work

SRO Prints provides graphic design services for our custom screen printing and embroidery clients only. We do not design for jobs that are to be produced elsewhere, as we want our loyal customers to receive the exclusive benefit of our art talent and product ideas. All artwork and digitizing created by SRO Prints for your order remains the property of SRO Prints and will be maintained at our facility for our exclusive usage in executing your orders. Because our policy is to render art/digitizing/etc. services for production orders solely on a cost-recovery basis, any transfer to the client of rights to creative works is subject to reasonable release fees, at a value as determined solely by us.